About Us

Rank Bull was started in 2008 when its founder, Carter Hall, decided that (after nine years of submarine duty) his priorities in life had shifted with the arrival of his daughter. While shopping for new clothes, he noticed that there was nothing in any of the stores that was truly geared to his country lifestyle. The market was missing a lifestyle brand that he could identify with that still maintained a high level of quality. Instead, most quality lifestyle brands were inspired by the Southern California action sports scene - despite very few people actually being from that area. The next step for someone like Carter was an obvious one: something he wanted didn't exist, so he set out to build a brand that would represent his country lifestyle through high-quality products and time-tested design. Starting from nothing but an idea, Rank Bull was formed.

He then decided to follow one of his childhood dreams of becoming a bullfighter. He was drawn to the selfless nature that a good bullfighter possessed in order to protect others, and had always found pleasure in doing a job that others could not or would not do. The sport also allowed him to gain insight into a part of the lifestyle he was interested in promoting with Rank Bull. An unexpected benefit of bullfighting was how much it aided in his transition from the military (with its camaraderie and the trust required in your unit) to the less structured and less team-oriented life that the civilian world seemed to have.

Since then, Rank Bull has gone from selling hats and shirts out of a truck bed to becoming a full-fledged company that operates and functions as a single unit. Rank Bull is now made up of 50% veterans and includes fellow submariners, childhood friends, and industry professionals who have propelled it into major retail stores, and expanded its online presence.

At its core, Rank Bull is an authentic Country Lifestyle Brand for the All-American guy who enjoys hunting, fishing, 4x4, MX, MMA, or rodeo/bull riding. It doesn't matter which coast or hemisphere you're from, it's about the hard-charging, go-out-there-and-get-things-done kind of mentality that makes the world go 'round. That's who Rank Bull is for. It's for the people who want to do things right. The people who push hard. The people who never quit.

Now, get out there.


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